Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Only Two: Info

What is it about?

Two young lesbians who are currently finishing their secondary education at an all-girls London comprehensive. The fact that they happen to be lesbians has not been at all conducive to their social lives, remarkably enough. They remain thoroughly eccentric and devoid of six fingers. Perhaps they haven't fully grown into it, yet.

Who is it about?

Miriam, of Nigerian descent, who rants a lot. Sarah, caucasian, who mostly pretends to listen but is actually honing her lip-reading skills and enjoys maintaining an expression of pained sarcasm on her face. Various friends, who will turn up later.


Real life, sadly enough. DTWOF by Alison Bechdel, I suspect, but I can't really help that because it's so wonderful; the earlier comics by Erica Moen (like from the days when her website still had a random dance panel... good times...) and Dylan Meconis (around when she started Bite Me! which I actually witnessed). Beaver and Steve by James Turner. Calvin and Hobbes. Garfield.

Ach, enough with the inspiring!

Now, for the comic!