Sunday, September 20, 2009

I don't actually hate men, just for the record...

... I am merely very sarcastic when some excuse silliness with manliness.

I feel I ought to make the disclaimer because I have been warned by a friend that I am beginning to sound like an oddly religious/theistic version of a new atheist crossed by a virulent misandrist with anti-caucasian sentiments.

This here be the comic that got away. It was one of three that was done for the student newspaper and the only one to not get any feedback, so I presume it won't be used. Therefore, I shall put it up here.

Non-student newspaper comics ('The Only Two' and other) will be arriving in a few weeks. I am currently without my precious hp scanner, besides which the Epsom ones here are like especially backward neanderthals, so the only things that will get put up for now will be discarded cartoons.