Friday, October 24, 2008


Well, as you probably know if you read my other 'art' blogs, I'm currently at University which on the one hand means lots of inspiration, quirky personalities just waiting to be sketched out onto paper and enshrined for all eternity, all new storylines to be developed and all pens to be found!

It also means that updating will be in huge chunks. I did try using one of the scanners available, but the results didn't quite do my slightly-more-improved style much justice so I've decided to just do a scan-dump on the occasions I get to go home and use my own scanner and the various tricks that come with it.

So, if anything, you might just get a series of random thoughts and written character sketches until that happens.

But yes, The Only Two is continuing, for some reason. I thought it would pretty much stop where it did, but so far not. Both Sara and Miriam are at different Universities so I can spread my wings a little and try out bigger plots with more characters and hopefully better drawings.

All in all, it sure smells like fun! Until then...