Monday, October 5, 2009

Another rejected cartoon

This one was most definitely rejected as the brief change at the last minute, just after I'd got it scanned in. It was waaay too long anyway, tbh, and I sliped back into my bad habits for the art in some of the panels. Ah, well. My flatmate thinks it's funny.

My first political cartoon!

Inspired by the amazing work of Chris Priestly for the New Statesman. This one was rejected - I think. The editors usually only tell me which one they've accepted for the forthcoming week, so I keep on seeing supposedly rejected comics in the newspaper. Not that I mind of course...! - so I decided to bung it up here. The article was all about the trend for the cutting of arts funds, following our beloved BJ's moves as mayor of London.

I'm already rather fond of 'The Man'. I want another political article, dammit!